100% Remy Human Hair Halo Extensions - Dark Brown Highlights

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Add some shimmer to your look with our 100% Remy Human Hair Halo Extensions in Dark Brown Highlights! Made with all-natural, golden brown halo hair extensions, these luxurious beauties will transform your everyday style with a subtle, glamorous hue. Shine on!

A Dark Brown has a base color Chestnut Brown with cool golden brown undertones for highlight color hue.

Excerpt: Dark Brown highlight comes in many color variation. Your standard color will be color #2/p/6 at a percentage ratio of 60% color #2P and 40% color #6. 


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How to ADJUST Halo Wire

How To Adjust Our Halo Hair Extensions?
As you all know, if you have already ordered halo hair extension from us, the wire has already been adjusted as standard size in the parcel being sent. 
Due to different head sizes, we recommend you review these steps when adjusting your halo wire. 

Step 1: 

  • Try the halo hair first to test the right size of your head, if it fits well then you don't need to adjust at all; If not, then test the size.
    How To Wear Halo Hair Extensions In One Minute?

    • Pull one of the string end through the microbead to about an inch long. (You may need a plier to open the microbead, if not just pull the wire as strong as you can. They are durable and do not break easily
    sizing e-litchi halo human hair extension

    • Take your pliers and squeeze the micro bead once you have adjusted the invisible wire to your specific length that fits your head
    • If the wire is still long, repeat the step 2 but do this to the opposite side of the weft. Make sure you adjust each side pulling the same equal length of the wire. If the bead was open, clamp it down tightly to prevent loose wire.


    Easy steps on how to put halo hair extensions in
    • Part your hair exactly where we're going to be placing the halo extension. Generally you'll want to part it one to two inches from your forehead to find the right size of your halo
    • Be sure you brush it thoroughly to remove tangles. Next, brush out the halo as well as weft gently with a paddle brush, a wide-toothed comb, or a specialized extension brush.
    How To Wear Halo Hair Extensions In One Minute?

    Test Halo wire sizing

    • To test your halo wirer size, move your head around, move it forward, back, shake it a bit just to make sure that it fits right. It should fit like a headband.

    Make sure you have selected or adjusted your correct length of the halo wire, which is the best fit to your head’s size, Locate the halo over the bun in which you parted the hair. Similar to a headband, it needs to stay securely and comfortably above the ears.

    How To Wear Halo Hair Extensions In One Minute?

    Create a blend for enhanced results

    Take down the bun. Follow by brushing through the hair for smoothing out everything. Be sure your natural hair covers all the halo and wefts. Be cautious when you brush over the halo’s wire to stay away from snagging.

    How To Wear Halo Hair Extensions In One Minute?


      Invisible Tape-ins 100% Remy Human Hair Extension

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Rosemarie Keebler

      Adjustable and invisible, I like it very much, recommend

      Aliya Abshire

      I originally had bought a darker color and in a 18-in length. has lighter brown highlights. It is perfect and I love it. The only thing I would do is add a little hairspray to it so it has a bit more texture to match the texture of my hair.

      Rickie Dach

      I'm very happy with these extensions

      Jonathon Gislason

      Very happy, I was afraid to ask but I wasn't wrong beautiful hair looks like mine and the perfect color. The fast delivery, I was hoping it would arrive in October. I'll order another color again. I recommend it 100%

      Kiana Bernhard

      Absolutely LOVE these extensions! Softest and healthiest. Color purchased was #4/26/4 and it blends perfectly with my brown highlighted hair! Doesn’t singe when curling them like others do. Highly recommend!!!