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What are U-clip Wefts-Extensions-Canada (Invisible Hair clips)

Our U-CLIP hair extensions are 100% Remy human hair that are made in a U-shape U-clips hair to mimic the crown of your head. The U-clips extensions have lace base, or are wefted base with an invisible thin lining to help blend with your natural hair.

Our U-Clip is one full hair piece that evenly distributes the hair weight and volume across your scalp with 8 clips for less tension on your strands, while maintaining a secure & discreet all day hold! 


  1. Length: 16" and 20"
  2. Weight: 180g

 Lace-base Uclip hair extension


Lace base U-clips are slightly costly as they are completely invisible and light weight. The Uclip lace base is gentle to your  natural scalp and allows your natural hair to grow back as there is minimal pressure on them

Wefted U-CLIP hair Extensions

Wefted-base Uclip-extensions-sashlabelle-hair-canada

Mono top Silicon base V-shaped Clip Extensions 

Sashlabelle also does carry mono topper silicon lining U-Clip hair extensions that are suitable to those whose hair reacts with the clips or those who find the clips uncomfortable. It does provide a more discreet invisible coverage to your hairline as the clips are hidden completely behind the monotop.
Regardless of your choice, each hair piece is safe and is meant to help you achieve longer, fuller hair instantly. 
Mono-lace-silicon-base-invisible-V-part clip-extensions


U-Clip is a full hair piece with 8 clips

  1. Step 1: Brush your Uclip well to remove any tangle
  2. At the crown of your head, create a U-Shaped section and tie off the top of your natural hair into a bun
  3. Set the U-Clip into place by using the four top clips, then two side clips and two bottom clips
  4. Brush back your natural hair over the U-Clip


    What are Invisible U-Clip extensions?

    "Invisi Clips use the same hair as our Remy hair and are installed just like a regular tape in extension.

    What makes Invisi U-clips so special is that the very top of the weft is actually made from a monomesh filament with hair being pushed out of this mesh and being hand-knotted on the other side.

    What does this mean for you and your installation? Basically, once these extensions are installed they practically vanish and blend in so well it really just looks as if the hair is growing out of your own scalp. That is the amazing thing about our Invisi Tapes - anyone can wear them and they won't show through!"

    They are perfect for all hair types and this includes those with thin hair or afraid of hair loss as they do not need any glue to apply the extensions to natural hair

    Are these Real Hair?

    Our hair is 100% ethically sourced remy human hair. All of our extensions have the cuticles intact and are double drawn. We source our REMY hair in India and when this hair is washed and allowed to air dry you will see that it has a gentle body wave texture. Our Remy hair holds curl magnificently and can easily be styled for any look desired.

    Will Invisi-U-Clip hair damage my hair?

    "No! and No professional installation is needed as well. Simply clip the u-clip ins hair to small section of your hair. They are light weight depending on the volume of each client's preference.  They provide a weightless natural fill for the gaps that could have been caused by hairloss. They not only add volume, and length but also secures your hair from environmental exposure. In fact, many customers feel that the wefts protect their own hair and allow for a healthier regrowth period. 

    Tape Ins should only be installed by a licensed professional. While tape ins are great for most people if you have a medical condition with your scalp or epidermis please evaluate all precautions with your medical professional."

    Do I need to wash my hair frequently with Invisi-tapes?

    "You can -Invisi-Uclips are removable and that allows you access to natural hair. 

    You can still continue with treatment as you allow your natural hair to grow while you blend it with the u-clips

    Can I heat style the Invisi-U-CLIPS?

    "You can heat style as often as you would heat style your own hair. Sashlabelle Hair Extensions use 100% ethically sourced real human hair and as such all of our extensions will behave as real human hair. We suggest always using a thermal protectant and a mild heat setting.

    Just remember heat styling constantly will eventually negatively impact the disulfide bonds of the hair - leading to them being permanently broken and with you having heat damaged hair and extensions!

    How long will the Invisi-clips last?

    "Uclips hair extensions are made of Remy 100% Natural hair and are meant to last for up-to 36 Months with proper care

     No additional professional salon visits needed with U-CLIP hair extensions, other than professional dye application and special even styling

    Reinstall! "

    Can I color my Invisi-clips-ins?

    "Yes, you can! Because our hair is 100% human hair all collections can be dyed. Just note that you should only use semi or demi-permanent hair dye on the hair itself. It is not recommended to saturate the top of the weft in chemical dye as it can negatively impact the main PU component. You should never ever lift the color, only deposit it. You want to keep the hair healthy. Color darker, never lighter.

    Kindly note that chemically altering the extensions does void the warranty on the product."

     Color Selection



    Skin Weft Invisi-Clips Pros and Cons

    Blends In Naturally With Your Hair

    Injected skin wefts are invisible and looks like your own natural hair growing straight from the scalp after applying. You can also tie your U-clip weft extensions in a low ponytail. With skin weft, no one would ever know that you are wearing extensions.

    Easy To Color, Style

    Sashlabelle Skin- weft u-clip-in hair extensions are real hair. You can color and style your skin weft in any way you wish because it is made of 100% Remy human hair. For instance, if your roots of the hair are a deeper color than your ends, you can color the extensions to match and create a seamless, perfect blend. 

    Gain Length and Volume

    With skin wefts canada hair, you can get the longer and fuller hair that you have always dreamed of. U-clip wefts are Perfect for weddings, graduations, anniversaries, parties and all occasions.

    May Require Patience or a professional to install if you have severe hair thinning

    Hair loss and sensitivity could require you to see for a professional who could seek an alternative installation in case your hair is sensitive to clips. We are working with our research team to find alternative methods of application to reduce any strain on natural hair for those with sensitive hair type or postpartum hair loss if applicable

    They are costly - One time Investment as they as reusable

    One thing is certain, the type of tape-in is not cheap. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s expensive enough to leave you broke and in debt. On the bright side, they can be used for up to a year, thus they are cost-effective extensions.

    Invisible Tape-ins 100% Remy Human Hair Extension

    The most kept secret hairstyle for weddings, birthdays, date nights. Super affordable hair extensions, with FREE shipping when you order 3 packs+

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    Platinum Blonde - wefted U-shape

    DID exactly what i wanted it....and still saved.
    My goal is the mono-top and move volume.....im saving for it and will be back. Quality was great!!! I love my unit. thank you sashlabelle canada