100% Remy Human Hair Double Drawn WEFTs Hair Extension

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Flat Wefts, are the thinnest hair weft, with soft, flexible and invisible weft-line that blends perfectly with the natural hair to produce the perfect length or highlight. Flatten those 'do goals and say goodbye to painful micro-wefts! You're sure to make a statement with flat wefts that are as light as air!

Material Virgin Human Hair
Type Remy Double Drawn Hair Weft
Length 14"-22"
Weight 120g/pack.



Why Choose Virgin Hair?

  • The bundle is usually a single donor.
  • The raw material for virgin hair is scarce and high quality.
  • The cuticle is completely intact and well aligned (lasts longer).
  • Never manipulated by chemicals, dyes, harsh treatments.
  • will match and blend perfectly with most hair types.

Why you should choose Flat Wefts!


They are ultra thin, approximately 1mm soft and flexible. This will allow you to get rid of bulkiness.  In addition, the polyurethane base is strong enough, and will not break, cause any irritation or discomfort when wearing.


The flat wefts have NO short return hair on the weft, because hair is integrated into the polyurethane base, that prevents hair from  matting. Hair length is matched as much as possible for the seamless style.

Compare to the hand tied weft hair extensions, one of the unique features of flat weft is that you can cut the flat weft into any desirable width.

  • No Shedding
  • The weft will not shed any hair or lose its strength. 
  • Can be sewn in any direction to stimulate creativity during styling.

Tips for Wearing Hair Weft Extensions

  • Connect your wefts with micro loops

  • Should be completely dry when installed 

  • Start at the edge and weave to the middle

  • Can be glued to your hair weft (allergy test required)

  • It can also be worn by sewing the clips to the weft and then cutting them to different widths as needed.

remy human hair weft real human hair extensions can be last for 3-6 months blend well with your hair

remy human hair weft real human hair extensions can be last for 3-6 months blend well with your hair


How to wash your hair extensions?

  • Use clean and mild water

  • Air dry is best to the extensions

  • Gentle massage is best, do not pull

  • Conditioner is necessary

tape in hair human hair extensions can last for 3-6 months silky straight no shedding and no split


How can i Brush my hair with extensions on?

How can I wear my extensions when sleeping?

How can I  dry hair extensions?

What kind of shampoo can I use for my extensions?

how to care hair extensions

    Invisible Tape-ins 100% Remy Human Hair Extension

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