Halo extensions are a group of wefts sewn together that are 100% Remy Human Hair and can be installed using an invisible wire that goes around the top of your head. They also come with secured clips that can easily attach to the back of your natural hair. Once attached, the wire is completely invisible and the hair hangs comfortably.


Reasons To Go For Halo Hair Extensions

Halo Extensions Are Easy To Apply

There is no exaggeration to say Halo is the easiest to apply among all kinds of hair extensions. No prior experience or training is needed. In just a few minutes, can put this weft on, and YES! You Can. 

 Using this extension, you won’t need to go to a hair salon for help or follow any complicated guide, either. Just section your hair and then place the Halo over it. If you desire to use the clips, then clip it on, and then you’re done. 

Not only is installation easier but removal is simple. You just need to unfold the clips and then take the halo hair extension out of your head. Because it doesn’t involve any adhesive bonding, it will take only a few seconds to remove it. No DAMAGE to natural hair. No PAIN to the scalp. 

Halo Hair Extensions Are Damage-Free

With other kinds of hair extensions that use adhesive (glue, tape, keratin, etc.) to link with natural hair, halo extensions do not require any of them. Therefore, it prevents your natural tresses from any possible pull.

Keep in mind however, that all hair extensions MUST be maintained and used with care just as you would with your natural hair. Our halo extensions are made with proper manufacturing protocol, and comes with no odor. You need to wash and dry completely before you can use.

Regarding the comfort to wear, Halo also stands out. It is not too heavy and does not pull the natural hair off when worn.

Halo Hair is therefore an immediate, temporal, damage-free, wired hair extension that adds length and volume to your own hair in less than one minute!

Being 12″/30cm wide, it has been designed for comfort, and it's adjustable wire is easy to use to adjust the head size. To create the natural look you simply fit the Hair onto your head, use any tail comb to lift your own hair over the top, and style as you wish.

All Sash Hair are 100% human hair, although as with all hair extensions, additional care should always be taken when brushing, styling, and washing to ensure they retain their quality look. Always brush gently, use a heat protector, and wash with a hair extension shampoo.

All Balayage colors come in color ratio of base color at 60% against the highlight color at 40%. You MUST request for a different color ratio depending on the amount of intended color highlights. CHAT WITH US to apply this change. An additional cost of about $45 may apply to your custom changes.