As professional hair extension provider (sashlabelle hair Canada), we have seen it all, from damaging hair, to poor installation and of course, bad quality hair extensions. However, one of the most common hair extension questions we've come across as trusted stylists and hair providers in Canada is: When do we recommend Nano-link and i-tip extensions and when do we recommend Tape-in extensions? Before we get started on that, lets find out some basic Nano-Link and i-tip extensions knowledge.


Nano links are the newest methods of hair extension application techniques, offering a safe, comfortable and discrete application. The process consists of a tinybead that is 90% smaller than traditional application rings, along with a keratin tip that supports a metal loop, which is squeezed closed to form a strong tip that is inserted into the bead before being clamped with pliers. The extension is fitted behind strands of the clients’ own, natural hair before clamping to secure the bead.

ADVANTAGES OF NANO-LINK EXTENSIONS: No heat or adhesives are used in application No harsh chemicals to remove residues Suited for medical hair loss (see more information on this) Suited for even the thinnest hair Smaller, more discrete installation Versatile styling possibilities More accurate colour matching and blending If a piece falls out its only one piece versus a larger weft  Do Nano link extensions ruin your hair? Which is better tape ins or clip in extensions? Are microbeads or tape-ins better?


  • No heat or adhesives are used in application
  • No harsh chemicals to remove residues
  • Suited for medical hair loss (see more information on this)
  • Suited for even the thinnest hair
  • Smaller, more discrete installation
  • Versatile styling possibilities
  • More accurate color matching and blending
  • If a piece falls out its only one piece versus a larger weft (leaving a gap in your hairstyle)
  • Safe & Innovative Technology
  • Reusable hair
  • No Damage
  • Promotes natural hair growth
  • Individual strand installation


    •  Time consuming (1-3 hours) depending on how much hair you’re installing
    •  Regular maintenance
    •  Beads may fade color with washing
    • Professional installation only


    Tape in hair extensions consists of thin pre-taped wefts that essentially get placed between the front and the back of a section of hair. These wefts are around 1 inch in width and consist of a glue substance (usually keratin), which simply attach to the hair in minutes and last for around 1-2 months before maintenance.

    ADVANTAGES OF TAPE-IN EXTENSIONS: Fast and easy installation Lay relatively flat May come in high quality Doesnt require alot of training to install


    • Fast and easy installation
    • Lay relatively flat
    • May come in high quality
    • Doesn't require a lot of training to install


    • Cant wear your hair up in a tight ponytail without seeing the weft
    • Might be uncomfortable
    • Limits possibilities of hair styling
    • Not recommended for thin hair or hair prone to fall-out due to medical conditions 
    • Meant to be worn for occasional wear (ex. Wedding, birthday, etc.) Not for permanent long-term use

    Most of our clients at sashlabelle hair Canada opt for the Nano links or i-tips compared to tape-ins. The option of having single stranded bonds (nano-links and i-tips) allows for maximum comfort, with no damage, allowing for a versatile look and endless color blending options. The longevity of nano’s tend to last longer as no harsh glues are needed, resulting in between a 6 month to 1 year of reusable hair. Nano-links are more forgiving in terms of installing in more delicate spots around the face that other methods cannot discreetly provide.

    Lastly, Nano-links are a safe method for women experiencing any sort of medical hair loss, as this method is extremely safe and light on fine hair. However, regardless of whichever extension method you personally prefer, just please ensure that you’re going to a licensed and trained professional for installation. Look for nano links extensions near me, weigh in the Nano-Link pros and cons as well as Nano-links hair extensions for thin hair. Let your hair stylist and hair professional understand your hair challenges before installing the extensions. 

    Different TOP 4 Hair Styles and recommendations For Nano-Links or i-Tip Hair extensions

    The perfect placement ~ perfect section 💞 Nano tip extensions are a girls best friend! Being 90% smaller than our old school micro bead extensions! You can't go wrong with any hairstyle

    1. Fishtail Braid- Hair Styles for Nano Tips

    Fishtail hairstyles are being rocked at weddings, proms, parties, romantic dates, and in everyday life.

    Whether you want to try the braid out or find new ways to style it, you’ll find useful braiding tips and interesting ideas of hairstyles with fishtail braids in the gallery below

    Tips of Fishtail Braiding

    • Looser and more relaxed fishtails look more interesting and stylish than tight and uniform braids. When weaving a fishtail for a more distinct and elaborate look, you may vary the size of strands, like 1-inch section, 3-inch section, 2-inch section and all over again.
    • For a side fishtail you should make a low side pony first, securing your hair with an elastic that can be removed afterwards.
    • If your hair is not very thick, you can gain thickness, adding some texture with a curling iron and further backcombing, for instance.
    • Messy braided looks are currently extremely popular. You can either try to stretch your braid apart with your fingers to make it look looser or pull out occasional strands, which works great with layered haircuts.

    40 Awesome Jazzed Up Fishtail Braid Hairstyles

    Sleek Side French Fishtail Braid

    Modern and tidy, this style is ideal for today’s businesswoman. The gorgeous blonde ombre shades are presented beautifully in this braid, which begins at the very top of the head and cascades all the way down over the shoulder. The difference the French braiding makes is astounding!

    Seashell French Fishtail Bun

    A flawless up-do for any seashells by the seashore! This fishtail french braid begins above the forehead and travels down into a completed plait. The braid is twisted around itself into a tightly pinned swirl, leaving a dainty bun in its wake.

    Formal Updo with Horizontally Braided Fishtail Braid

    This fish tail braid may appear intimidating at first, but never fear! As complicated as it may seem, this style is one continuous braid across the back of the head. The bottom half of the hair is braided as well and twisted to create a simple yet elegant bun at the base of the neck.

    Boho Half Up Halo Fishtail Braid

    What could be better for an everyday look than this? Straight hair paired with a fishtail is the way to go. It’s as easy as two braids starting at each side of the head and joining to create one seamless braid.

    Ready to be Preppy Fishtail Braid

    How about this sweet half-up half-down look? The top section is brushed away and tied off in the back. A fishtail braid cascades down to the next tie off, being gently pulled apart to soften the contrast between the straight hair and the fullness of the braid

    Fishtail Wrap-Around Bun

    If there was an award for the most detailed and delicate fishtail braid, this look would take the cake! There is a fishtail French braided behind the ear on either side of the head. These braids are continued to their ends, whereupon they are carefully wrapped around in a large circle.

    Fairy Princess Fishtail Updo

    This fish tail braid allows you to embrace the woodland royalty we all secretly wish we belonged to. Beginning at the top, the hair is fishtailed along one side of the head and across the nape. This braid then disappears in the mass of curls, topped with a golden leaf tiara.

    Flowerchild Fishtail Updo

    Ever wanted to release your inner flowerchild? Here’s your chance! This braid is also relaxed a bit to create a looser style that is weaved in and out of itself, turning into one huge braid. The delicate sprigs of baby’s breath tucked around the edges of the up-do remind of spring around the corner!

    Conch Shell Fishtail Braid Bun

    Want to hear the sound of the ocean? That’s okay…all you need to hear is the praise of those who love your hairstyle! This tightly wound fishtail braid resembles a beautiful ocean shell. The “conch shell” bun is a wonderful ending to the soft beginnings of the French fishtail.

    1. Half Up, Half Down - Hair Styles for Nano Tips

    13 Prettiest Half-UpHalf-Down Hairstyles and Ideas to Copy Now ; 1 Half-UpHalf-Down Studded Bun.

    If you’ve got a ton of thick hair, gathering half of it and pinning it to the top of your head isn’t exactly feasible (or comfortable). Instead, section off just the top of your hair, from temple to temple, and twist it into a bun, securing with pins or a cute scrunchie.

    1. Double Crown Braid - Hair Styles for Nano Tips

    The trick to creating Ciara's stunning double crown braid hair styles. The double crown braid is a real eye-catcher – and it's also got excellent staying power. Another great thing about it: you can apply i-tip hair extensions and wear your hairstyles in several ways. Sashlabelle Hair Canada offers 5 minute double crown braid hairstyles for any length of hair! Check out our sashlabelle hairstyles that are quick and easy to install with our hair tutorial the double crown braid every mum should know. Easy and Secure hairstyle at the nape of the neck and beneath the opposing ear, and allow some loose tendrils to soften the final look. Messy Double Braid Updo.

    Double Crown Braid Instructions: 

    Braiding How-To: Style a Crown Braid Four Ways

    Ciara may not have hit the runway at H&M show in Paris, but that didn't stop her from showing up in a runway-ready crown braid. 
    1. For texture and hold, distribute a tennis ball-sized amount of styling mousse through towel-dried hair, then blow dry completely.
    2. Create a center part, and starting from the roots at your hairline, gather a section about three fingers wide on both the right and left sides of your part.
    3. Divide the rest of the hair into two equal strands and pin these out of the way for now.
    4. Now, braid the two sections of hair at your hairline flat from the roots to the tips. Fasten these braids using a thin hair tie. Using a mix of French and herringbone braiding techniques will give the most beautiful result.
    5. Take the two back sections of hair, braid them, and secure each of them with a hair tie.
    6. Now you’ll need a little dexterity: Wrap the back left-hand braid around your head like a headband to the right, parallel to the braided hairline. Secure it to the top of your head with hairpins.
    7. Do the same with the back right-hand braid, wrapping it around to the left and securing it.
    8. Finally, style the ends of the two front braided sections around the sides of your head to the back of your neck. Pin in place.
    9. For a modern, undone look, gently loosen the style and pull out a few strands with your fingertips.
    10. For extra hold, finish with a good dose of hairspray. Done!

     Double crown braid     This hairstyle crowns the crown! The double crown braid is a real eye-catcher – and it’s also got excellent staying power. Another great thing about it: It can be worn in several ways.  Versatile! The look consists of a total of four plaited braids that result in two hair wreaths. It’s even possible to combine different ways of braiding

    1. Flower Petal Updo - Hair Styles for Nano Tips

    Here is a nice DIY project to make flower petal updo hairstyle. It looks chic and lovely. Isn't it nice that you can use your own hair to make flower petals. Are you tired of the regular ponytails? Now it's time to try something new. Here is a nice DIY project to make flower petal updo hairstyle

     Creative Ideas - DIY Chic Flower Petal Updo Hairstyle 1Creative Ideas - DIY Chic Flower Petal Updo Hairstyle 2

    Creative Ideas - DIY Chic Flower Petal Updo Hairstyle 3Creative Ideas - DIY Chic Flower Petal Updo Hairstyle 4Creative Ideas - DIY Chic Flower Petal Updo Hairstyle 8

    1. Comb the hair and divide it into upper and bottom parts. Make two side ponytails (can be either side) and fix them with elastics.

    2. Divide the upper ponytail into four equal parts. Take the first strand of hair, make a loop and fix it in place at the base of the ponytail with the same elastic. This will be the first petal of the flower.

    3. Take another strand of hair and make the second petal.

    4. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, you can make 4 to 5 petals to form the flower.

    5. Repeat step 2 to 4 for the bottom ponytail. First divide it into a few parts and make loops.

    1. Mermaid Waves - Hair Styles for Nano Tips

    How-To get mermaid hair waves. Our beachy mermaid wave tutorial is simple and easy to follow for any hairstyle and Hair length. Looking for a new summer hairstyle? Consider mermaid waves. Experts give sashlabelle i-tip hair extensions for length the scoop on how to create the look at home. In true mermaid fashion, these waves do tend to look best on medium to long hair; you want to have enough space to show off the consistency 

    Here's how to get mermaid waves · 1. Spray curl hold spray on hair · 2. Dry product in with hairdryer and paddle brush · 3. Separate crown to back of ear. 4. Point curling wand downwards and place above hair. 5. Twist wrap hair 6. Catch curl and cup until cooled 7. Pull end of curl to create wave 8. Repeat technique to back of head 9. On opposite side, twist wrap hair and curl
    away from face 10. Repeat technique, working up section 11. Shake curled hair out 12. Spray with shine spray

     spray curl hold product on hair_dry hair product in with hairdryer and brush_separate crownto back of ear and take horizontal section from bottom

    Step 1: spray curl hold product on hair. Dry hair product in with hairdryer and brush Separate crown to back of ear and take horizontal section from bottom

    point curl tong downwards and place above hair. Twish wrap hair. Catch curl and cup until cooled

    Point curl tong downwards and place above hair. Twist wrap hair. Catch curl and cup until cooled


    1. Low Ponytail - Hair Styles for Nano Tips
    See more ideas about ponytail hairstyles, hair styles, natural hair styles. ... Look at her She is so beautiful with this low ponytail. It's deceptively easy to upgrade any ponytail with rich, dimensional braids as these next three Instagram's show. Doing a low ponytail is quite easy. However, it all comes down to the type of hair you have. The low ponytail somehow asks for a sleek shiny nano-link extensions to add volume. While you won't be able to do a high ponytail with short hair, a low pony will flatter your cut and give you a fresh look in seconds.
    1. Twist - Hair Styles for Nano Tips
    YES. you can wear your hair up with Nano-Links or i-Tip hair extensions. These hair extensions are called Nano Links Hair Extensions. ... Hairstyles For Men, Braids Hairstyles Pictures, Dope Hairstyles, Twist Hairstyles, Braids. Sunny Hair 100% remy human hair micro link hair extensionsnano ring ... Pre Bonded Nano Ring Brown Straight Human Hair Extensions #4 Twist Hairstyles. To get your twisted low bun, make a middle part and gather all of your hair at the nape of your neck where you will then take your index finger
    1. Top Knot - Hair Styles for Nano Tips
    Top Knot Extensions Enhance the beauty you came with. Never have a bad hair day again! This is one of our favorite no heat hairstyles for when you're running late to ... Braided buns and top knots are great twists on the well-known messy bun. See how to style top knot hairstyles using nano tips hair extensions
    1. Dutch Braids - Hair Styles for Nano Tips
    Braided hairstyles can impart both cute/girly vibe – or an elegant/glamorous one. If you want your look to be a perfect mix of both casual. Double Dutch Braids ... If you want to get the double dutch braid look, you're in luck! This is a very cute style and totally on trend right now. Double Dutch Braids · Start brushing the hair and part it where you want the braids to be. · Once parted, tie up one section. Dutch Braids are having a moment right now. The French braids' inverted sister is the queen of extension hair styles due to its intricacy; they involve crossing. The Dutch braid is perfect for when you're having one of those days you just don't know what to do with your hair. To do the Dutch fringe braid easy ways to style hair extensions . how to have do-it yourself hairdo
    1. High Ponytail - Hair Styles for Nano Tips

    Can you put your hair in a ponytail with Na no extensions? How do I style my hair with Nano extensions?

    Can you put your hair in a high ponytail with extensions?

    How can I hide my Nano ring extensions?

    See how I make a high, long ponytail on my short and fine hair with my Irresistible Me hair extensions. It is very easy and comfortable. Nano tip hair extensions are the smallest and most innovative way to ... Although it is possible to fishtail braid a ponytail, one of the safest and most comfortable way to wear hair extensions and style. You can use Nano tips or i-tips and eah sure you can do curls and beach waves and maybe even a ponytail, but did you know you can style Halo hair extensions into topknots, braids, high buns. We are going to look at four hairstyles you can use in your day to day ... hide any outgrowing Nano hair extensions high ponytails can look. hey are the easiest and quickest go-to hairstyle. You only need an elastic band in hand to make a simple, classic ponytail. You can use clip-in extensions, i-tips extensions, nano links, tape ins, halo extensions and wefts. Learn more on how to put hair up when you have nano tips extensions. You can learn how to hide extensions when putting your hair up even when you have short hair 

    1. High Buns - Hair Styles for Nano Tips

    How do you do a high bun hairstyle in Canada? or from home?

    Does high bun look good with my facial type? How do you tie a high messy bun and look beautiful in a bun?

    Very Easy High BUN Hairstyle For Daily Use || Easy Summer Bun Hairstyles | How to Make Bun Hairstyle. This are one of the 10 Most Beautiful High Bun Hairstyles For Those Lazy Mornings! Veil Of Grace | Bridal Hair | Bridal Makeup 

    1. Low Buns - Hair Styles for Nano Tips
    2. Vintage Waves - Hair Styles for Nano Tips
    3. Textured Waves - Hair Styles for Nano Tips