Strand by Strand Bonded Micro ring I-tip Hair Extensions

Strand by Strand Bonded Micro ring I-tip Hair Extensions

What to consider before Getting I-Tips Hair Extensions: A Pros and Cons Guide You Need to Read First 

It has been a trend to use glue less, threadless and heatless hair extensions as the preferred alternative to the keratin tips. With Proper care, the I-tips installation should last for two to Three Months. Most women who shopped iTips from sashlabelle hair Canada have reported that I-tips are a great option because they offer easy access to the scalp. All your natural hair will be left out unlike with sew-in weaves. I tip extensions don’t need glue or heat, neither do they need any chemicals to make it stick; just use the plier and micro beads to install.  

Why will this beginner’s Guide to Hair Extensions for 2022 by Sashlabelle Hair Canada important? 


  1. Itips will be perfectly blended with your natural hair 
  1. Itip hair extensions installation is a simple semi-permanent hair extension installation and you do not need to remove your i-tip hair extensions every night before you go to bed.  
  1. I-tips are individual extensions that resemble the tip of a shoelace. Each tip of hair extension is usually secured with micro rings (tiny silicon beads) that are pressed to secure the tips on your natural hair 
  1. When installing i-tips hair extensions, no heat or glue is required for an application 
  1. Itips are the ONLY hair extensions that are lightweight 
  1. I-tips are the best remy hair extensions for a summer and all season as they are not only long-lasting hair extensions in the market, i-tips also provide a free hair style for wedding hairstyle, graduation hairstyles, ponytail hairstyles, free hairstyles and everyday work or home related hairstyles. 
  1. I-Tip Hair Extensions Look Best on Medium 14” (Shoulder length) and longer natural hair length.  
  1. Less packs (2-3 packs) of i-tip hair extensions are needed when you have medium or longer natural hair. As for 12” or less natural hair length, it is recommended to use more i-tip hair extension packages (4-9) to camouflage your natural hair and provide a fuller hair volume 

Do i-tip extensions ruin your hair? Myths and Misconceptions 

 I-tip hair extensions are the safest in the market. Itips do not damage natural hair as each strand of itip hair is clipped together with a section of your natural hair and a small bead. The removal of these tips are easy. Simply open the bead and out comes your I-tip hair extension.  

Since they use strand by strand hair and micro beads, your natural hair adds volume and length alongside your natural hair cuticle and head crown. Its so natural no one can detect the itip extensions. 


How I-TIP hair extensions are installed (ITIPS INSTALLATION guide) 

PRO-TIPS are individual extensions that resemble the tip of your shoelace. Each tip is safely secured to your natural hair strands using micro beads (micro tube rings).  


I-tip hair extensions are perfect if you do not want to use heat, (keratin fusion), to apply hair extensions. I-tip application is sometimes called “cold fusion” but it is not the same as the expensive cold fusion hair extension machines, ($4,000 and up), which uses sound waves to melt the keratin.
  I-tip micro ring hair extensions are great for just a few highlight strands. There's no need for electricity to apply these micro ring fusion hair extensions so they are perfect for outdoor events, team colors, charity events, graduation hairstyles, wedding hairstyles and volume and party hairstyles. Full head applications can be achieved also.

Tools needed for I-tip installation - All tools available in Accessories


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Step 1: Part your natural Hair 

Use your fingers or a tall comb to separate the area of your hair, where the clips would be placed. 

Step 2: Prepare your pulling needle and the micro-beads 

Thread micro rings onto the hook part of a pulling needle. 

Step 3: Section the hair strand 

Grab a section of your natural hair with the hook. In the other hand, prepare to pull the hair through the micro ring. 

Step 4: pull the micro bead through  

While holding the the micro-ring in place with one hand, use the other hand with the pulling hook, pull the hair through the micro rings. 

Step 5: Insert the I-tip hair extension through the Micro-bead 

After pulling your natural hair through the micro ring, insert the pro tip extensions in between the micro ring and your natural hair. 

Step 6: Clamp the micro bead 

Slide the micro-ring about 1/2 inch from the scalp. Hold the ring and hair in place and tightly close the ring with the extension tool. 

Step 7: Repeat these steps for the remaining itip extensions 

Repeat the steps to apply pro tips to other locations and until desired look is achieved.  

Pre-Bonded Fusion I-tip Hair Extensions Q/A

  1. can pre bonded fusion hair extensions be reused - You can reuse your pre-bonded keratin/fusion hair extensions. SashLabelle recommends that you check out our STEP BY STEP instructions on How to Re-use Pre-bonded i-tips Hair extensions below:
Since no heat is used to apply i-tips like Keratin fusion hair, I-Tip Extensions are attached with a slip-free Laced bead without the use of heat, glue. It is therefore easier to re-install them if well taken care of. The steps to re-use i-tips hair extensions are indicated below and in this VIDEO

How to remove Micro-ring Extensions

*I-Tip is the sole technique for reusing individual extensions. This is a significant advantage compared to a one-time glue-in procedure with the alternative strand-by-strand approach (fusion extensions). *I-tips can be reused before being replaced. They last about two to three months with proper care and upkeep.” So YES!!! I-TIPS ARE THREADED THROUGH A COPPER BEAD WITH YOUR NATURAL HAIR AND RE-USABLE!
2. Why Do we Need to Re-tip Hair Extensions

If i-tip hair extensions are worn for a longer periods of time, the itip bond will eventually begin to break down their keratin glue and become softer than it was originally. This is to be expected due to the fact that the hair extensions will regularly become wet through washing and styling, and over the course of 4 months this will weaken their bond. This will be even more apparent if the bond has been cut before the extensions were fitted. It is not recommended to cut the bonds, as this allows more water to enter as the seal has been broken, causing the bonds to soften more rapidly.

3. Is it useful to re-tip the itip hair extensions?

The main benefit of re-tipping hair extensions is that it is a cost effective way of making the most of your hair extensions. As you are wearing them over a 3-5 month period they will slowly grow down until 4 months has passed and they are ready to be removed. If however, the hair is still in good condition, you can reuse the hair for a second time round, however you will not be able to fit again with the existing bond as it will not hold as well as it would have the first time round. By re-tipping the hair extensions you are starting a fresh with a new solid tip, that can be fitted and will stay in place for a number of extra months until you decide to change the hair for a brand new set.


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  • Very informative, thank you for sharing

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