Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions vs I-tip Hair

Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions vs I-tip Hair


  1. What makes I-Tips so convenient? 

Why itips hair extensions are Convenient. I-tips are a great option because they offer easy access to the scalp. All your natural hair will be left out. Itips are also good for your hair because they are glueless, threadless and heatless extensions. Of all the semi-permanent hair extensions, I-tips and keratin fusions hair extensions have the longest lifespan 

There are different Fusion Hair Extensions Canada. These are also known as Pre-bonded Keratin extensions 

Sashlabelle will show you everything you need to Know About Keratin Hair Extensions 

"Keratin hair extensions are individual strands of extensions that are bonded to your hair with an adhesive or micro beads 

Keratin extensions Canada are typically made up of real human hair that is usually processed to give color definition. At Sashlabelle hair Canada we ensure that your local salons match your hair type with the extensions of your choice depending on your hair color and hair texture.  

Keratin hair extensions are low maintenance extensions. Keratin fusion hair are also looks natural when done correctly and perfectly for someone who wants longer, thicker hair. They work for all hair type and perfectly blend with short hair. 

On the contrary however, and on rare cases, keratin hair could potentially damage your hair if you have thin hair, if you leave them for too long.  

 Breaking Down Keratin Extensions how to remove keratin fusion hair extensions

Keratin hair extensions typically last around 3-5 months, depending on how well you take care of them. If they begin falling out or looses, return to your hair specialist for maintenance.  

Please NOTE: do not install keratin hair extensions on alopecia hair, medical hair loss scalp, or thin hair.  

Keratin hair extensions BEST candidates 

Since keratin fusion hair are personalized and customized to match your specific, unique texture and hair color, they can work for all hair types and lengths apart from on thin hair or hair prone to hair loss.  

 Tell me the difference between U tip vs I tip extension? 

i-Tip hair extensions use silicon, aluminium or copper micro rings to keep the extensions in place. U-Tips extensions however, are applied using hot hair extensions iron to melt the keratin onto your hair strands. Be reminded that sashlabelle Canada’s I-tipped hair extensions are also pre-bonded or tipped with a keratin sealant that can be fused to your own hair without heat. U-tip or nail tip hair a top strand in a U- shape. The center of your U-TIP is where your natural hair is placed before heat is applied to melt the keratin glue and seal your hair.  

  1. How long do Sashlabelle Canada I-Tips last? 

With proper upkeep and care, the installation will last between 3 weeks to 8 months while the itip hair itself will last longer than 8 months with proper care 

  1. Are Nano Rings better than I-tip or keratin Bonds? 

About Sashlabelle Canada Nano tips  

Everyone needs hair extensions that are easy to use, and style, is long lasting and requires less maintenance work. If well installed, I-tips are way easy to manage and installation time is usually less than 2 hours. As indicated by itip hair offer easy access to the scalp and all of your natural hair is left out to give you free styles when I-tip extensions are installed.  

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nano Rings 

The benefits of nano tip hair extensions and nano ring extensions is that they rings are micro small and undetectable to the public. In addition, no heat of chemicals is needed during the application process.  

Which is better – Nano Ring hair Extensions with Plastic or Metal Beads? 

Both plastic and metal beads are fitted to your natural hair and nano rings in the same way. SashLabelle hair Canada supplies Nanorings with both plastic and metal beads in order to give you the experience of each, hence allowing you to choose what is best for your hair type.  

Why do others prefer plastic beads over Metal?  

  1. More comfortable and undetectable 
  1. Are adjustable 
  1. Recommended for sensitive scalps 

As for the metal beads, they offer a stronger hold when secured to your hair allowing you to seek adjustments and maintenance only after every 2-3 Months.  

  1. How many Bonded Extensions for a full head? 
  • How Many fusions Hair Extensions Do I Need for a Full Head Installation? A full head of extensions range from 5 to 9 packs of hair, assuming each pack contains 20 strands, 1g per strand. If your client has fine, thin hair with some layers and about shoulder length, chances are 5 to 6 packs may be enough. If your natural hair has a blunt bob that is medium to thick in density, you will require about 10 to 12 packs of hair since you will need to blend the extensions in for a natural look. 

  • For overral shoulder length and longer natural hair, you will need at least 5 packs or 100 strands of pre- tipped hair extensions. The number of hair extension packages you need will be based on the length and thickness of your hair and the length and volume you want to achieve. This is why it is very important to ask for a consultation prior to installation. 

  • If you have fine/thin hair, from the occipital bone down, it will take about 50- 60 strands; from the occipital up, to the crown, it will take 50-60 strands. 

  • For medium/thick hair, from the occipital bone down it will take 60- 80 strands; from the occipital bone up, to the crown it will take 50-80 strands. 

  • Remember, if the hair of your hair is thicker or shorter, more often than not, you will need more packages of hair extensions to be able to blend the hair in, making it easy for you to create a natural look. 

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  1. What are Fusion Bond Hair Extensions? 

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions 101 

Hair extensions fusion are a fantastic way to install semi-permanent longer, voluminous hair extensions for graduation, hair fusion extension for weddings, and fusion extensions for a perfect summer. Fused hair extensions are long-lasting, ultra-comfortable and undetectable extension method and is a fan favorite with our clients, so we will teach you everything about fusion hair, installation, advantages, and styling methods! 


What Are Hot Fusion Hair Extensions? 

Fusion hair extensions are a perfect semi-permanent hair extension solution for those who want to wake up every day with gorgeous hair 

Hot fusion extensions attach strands of hair to your head with a keratin-based tip. The process uses a heating element to attach or fuse the keratin bond and extension to your hair. Since human hair is 95% keratin, the fusion method is safe, comfortable and long-lasting. Hot fusion hair extensions are one of the original forms of hair extensions. They are made up of individual hairs and keratin bonding material. Because your own hair is made up mostly of keratin, this glue does not damage the hair when the extensions are installed. They take about two hours to install at minimum and are ideal for people with thicker hair who are seeking a long-term hair extension solution because the glue can sometimes cause noticeable bulk in thinner types of hair. 


  How Are Hot Fusion Hair Extensions Different From Other Types Of Hair Extensions? 

Hot fusion uses keratin to attach the hair strands to your hair, thus there is no glue or tape involved. Fused hair give a naturally blended look with your hair, and offers much more styling versatility since the bonds are more discreet in the hair. The hot fusion method also offers a more even weight distribution within each extension bond.

How Do I Choose A Hot Fusion Hair Extension? 

When choosing a keratin hair extension, consider a hot fusion extension that is ultra-soft and flexible, like the sashlabelle Hair Canada Hotheads fusion extensions. These are the first of their kind to have a keratin extension bond, which gives a softer and more discreet application.  

For all fused hair extensions, consider choosing 100% Remy human hair, like the sashlabelle hair extensions. Sashlabelle Canada extensions have 8mm bond width with pre-layered ends for a natural blend and optimal customizability.  

Is Hot Fusion hair extension Ideal and safe for my hair? 

Sashlabelle fused hair is versatile and can be worn by almost anyone: 

  •  If your hair is Fine-haired: 
    Our Hotheads extensions are very lightweight and can be applied in more fragile areas or on finer hair textures. 
  •  If you are looking for added fullness to your natural hair: 
    The hot keratin extension bond on the sashlabelle extensions is virtually undetectable in the hairline and fringe area, so you can add long-lasting fullness here without damage. Plus, sashlabelle keratin fused hair are flexible in width and comes in 10-inch to 12-inch length, ideal for shorter-haired clients seeking fullness! 
  • Hair extensions Freestyle such as wearing extension hair up: 
    Sashlabelle keratin bonded extensions offer 360° movement for maximum styling options without being visible! 
  •  Adding hair extensions for color highlights ideas - to change hair color without chemicals or hair dye: 
    With 21 shades available, you have unlimited color combinations and placement options to give your hair a new look without touching chemical color. 
  •  Fused extensions offer a full head of undetectable, long-lasting extensions: 
    Sashlabelle fusion hair is available in different length options (10″-12″, 14″-16″, 18″, 20” 22”, 24”, 26”), so you can customize a full head of extensions, to your best desire. 

How Long Do keratin Hot Fusion Extensions Take To Install? 

The thermal activation method fuses the keratin bonded extension hair with the your natural hair and depending on your natural hair length and bob cut, fusion hair takes between 3 to 5 hours for a full head application. Plus, the time-consuming step of trimming  

  How Long Do Keratin Bonded Hot Fusion Hair Extensions Last? 

The Hotheads bonded hair extensions are the longest-lasting, single-wear method and can be worn for 3 to 5 months! 

Sashlabelle Keratin Hotheads can be installed in two methods: flat and rolled.  

The flat keratin fusion application technique is best for building density and length throughout the majority of the application, while the rolled hair infusion application technique is ideal for face-framing, color effects or areas of high visibility. 

 Can Hot Fusion Hair Extensions Damage your Hair? 

 How Are Keratin Hot Fusion Extensions Installed? 

Sashlabelle keratin fusion hair offers ultimate comfort and safety because the extensions are attached to the head with keratin, which already exists in human hair. This fusion method allows each Keratin remy hair strand to be moved 360 degrees, meaning any way you wear the hair, there will be no experience of any pulling or snagging. 

  How Are Hot Kera fused Extensions Removed? 

Keratin fused extensions are easy and non-damaging to remove. A Keratin removal gel and Keratin removal tool are used during the removal process for a seamless and safe removal. The gel helps with any leftover residue similar to our tape removal process. 

Step By Step How To Remove Keratin Fused Hair Extensions 

Keratin or fusion hair extensions are the type of extensions that are applied with a hot fusion tool. The extensions themselves come pre-tipped with keratin.  

When removing fused hair extensions, work systematically, by selecting a row to remove and clip all the other hair up out of the way to help save time and product. 

Before removing the keratin bond, add a generous amount of D-Bond Gel to all the keratin bonds in the row. D-Bond Gel is thick to allow it to cling and breakdown the keratin bond. 

Next, use pro-removal pliers to crack the the tipped hair open  

Gently add a few drops of Vision Removal solution and crack the fusion again steadily and gently  

Continue adding remover and cracking until the keratin is completely crumbled and the extensions are able to easily pulls out. 

Use a good detangling spray in this area and with a fine-tooth comb carefully comb out the tangles. I occasionally use a t-pin to get into tight “dreads” that sometimes happen. The more care you take getting out the tangles without breaking the hair the better hair health you will have. 

I recommend having your extensions removed by a professional but they can also be removed at home. 
If you are doing a home removal take your time and work on a few bonds at a time and rest your arms in between. If you have a loved-one to help ALL the BETTER! 

Watch the video HERE on the step by step how to 

Or follow the below links on the step by step how to remove pre-tipped fusion extensions 




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