Color Ring - Shades of Blonde Hair Swatches 100% Human Hair Color Rings

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Having trouble with choosing a color match? 

Consider our rings below, and select the closest colors to your natural hair. Then send us a CHAT message with your preferred color choice. You will receive up-to 3 color rings that will be shipped to you FOR FREE, to help you compare with your natural hair color. 

#60 Lightest Blonde

Colour #60 Lightest Blonde
Material Human Hair
Brand SashLabelle Hair
Extension length 8 Inches


About this item
  • 1. [ Uniform and Outstanding Dyeing Hair Color Rings ] --with it, you can solve the students' hair coloring problem, such as the low contrast color, the largely difference color fiberboard and so on.

  • 2. [ 100% Pure Human Hair Color Rings ] -- It contains 30 piece, which it can be dyed and bleached many times.

  • 3. [ Quick Test ] -- As a salon stylist, you need to do a lot of color testing and make different shades. This blonde hair color sample can quickly get bright and fashionable colors.

  • 4. [ Bigger Ring and Taking Conveniently ]--be made of stainless steel, keeping store long time and the buckle is strong and etch-proof.

  • 5. [ Clear Mark and Easily Keep ]--with the white PVC,the human hair can stay in white PVC for a longer time.

Blonde Shades 

Color Variations

 1. Bleach Blonde Color Ring




 2. Platinum Blonde Color Ring




3. Dirty Blonde

A perfect way to match natural hair color with our sample swatch of the Dirty Blonde Hair shade. A mixture of warm blonde tones blend together in this multi-dimensional shade. One of our most popular colors, it blends well with many different shades of blonde hair. 


 4. Natural Red


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