2.5g/pcs 40pcs = 100g    

25 - 30 grams per pack (email to customize your desired weight)  | 10 pieces 
Sash Seamless Tape-Ins are double drawn with cuticle-intact, 100% Remy hair. They are our highest-quality hair extensions primarily selected This hair-type is put through an eco-friendly bath that colors hair without harsh dyes, acids, or chemicals for even healthier-looking and longer-lasting hair than other Remy hair quality levels sold. We seal the hair with a high-shine gloss that keeps it frizz-free and protected for the life of your extension.
The small tape-in bonds feature a new invisible tape bond at the top for an even more seamless look and are even more discreet than our remy tape ins, but not as invisible as the Invisi-tapes. Our 10-piece packs come in 60 colors and work well with other Sash-Seamless tape extensions for a completely customizable experience. 
Ultra Seamless Tape-Ins are to be applied by a professional stylist ONLY. With new replacement tape and proper care, Ultra Seamless Tape-Ins can be reused 3-5 times and can be worn for eight to 10 weeks between applications, depending on your hair.
The Ultra Seamless extensions are great for mixing and matching colors as they come in 10 piece packs and can be used with our remy tape ins you need only half a remy pack.
For a more superior, luxurious experience, we recommend a full head of Ultra Seamless. You will need 4-8 packs for a full head of hair. The thicker your hair, the more you will need. To remove, use our tape-ins using bond remover.
The Hair

● Premium Remy Hair with intact cuticles, all facing the same direction
● Ethically Sourced
● Selected from small batches
● Luxurious and soft Indian human hair (washes with a slight body wave)
● Double drawn for thick hair from root to tip
● Gently colored with a slow 12-step process
The Wefts
● Tape-top is about 1.5 inches wide by .5 inch
● No sew lines for a seamless look
● Flexible and durable
● Lightweight and comfortable
● New 2020 design for a more seamless tape weft
The Adhesive
● Medical grade
● Latex free
● Made in the USA
● Strong hold