Sash Beauty strongly values functionality and efficiency. With our Messy chigon, you will no longer need to struggle with re-adjusting your hair or distracted by your fly-away hairs in the middle of an activity, and you will no longer have to pull on your hairs taking the scrunchie out; no more hair ties breaking at the most inconvenient times.

The Extra Strong band around our chignon is designed for those with long, thick, curly hair, who just can't seem to find that perfect, reliable elastic. This messy chignon helps you withstand any and all head movement. With an even bigger cord and more fabric to support your head movement, this beauty can last in your hair all day. 

Customizable - You control the tension; can keep it as loose or as tight as you want.

Versatile - Useable in any hairstyle, hair type, or activity.

Longevity - High-quality materials used. Breathable, moisture-wicking, deodorization, and high elasticity.

Proudly Canadian - Locally Sourced & Manufactured

Innovative - World's first customizable elastic hair product. Novel mechanism used to keep the bun in place.