Highlight your natural hair without adding color.

So here's a side-by-side before and after to help you see how hair extensions could add color instantly with no DAMAGE to natural hair.

  1. Step 1 is to remove the wire from the extension to keep them flat
  2. Sew the edges as discussed in the Step by Step how to Apply Halo extensions

The Instant LENGTH Trick 

This hack is definitely the laziest of the bunch and yet the best EVER.

All you need is to section out your front hairline and take everything else and throw it up in a high pony. Apply the halo extension as directed in the step by step how to using any of the three methods specified. 

Here is our before and After Length add-on pictures



The ponytail hack

This next hack is the ponytail hack.

You won't need your wire for this, so you can take it out and just use your halo flat and throw all of your hair up into a high ponytail. Then take your halo with a few bobby pins or sew it in and wrap it around your ponytail.

When you're finished you have a few different options.

You can either take a piece of hair and wrap it around the band, or just take a scrunchie which is even easier and throw it on like normal.

 or braid the mid section for a unique style

Low Messy Ponytail

What more can we say, the styles are endless. 

Let us play with Sash halo extensions and enjoy they bounciness and cuteness of halo seamless extensions.