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About Sash LaBelle

We all understand the struggle to grow our hair to its full length. The frustration is even greater when you want to look and feel incredible for a special event, or even during normal casual moments at home and at work. Sash is here to meet these demands because you definitely deserve to have the hair of your dreams. Sash is committed to delivering the unbeatable customer experience in everything hair styling and accessories, that has earned us the #1 recognition as the TOP rated all clip-in, halo, wefts, bundles and wig hair extensions brand in the world.

We are not only focused on beauty, but also convenience, protection and above all, in building that confidence. Whether you are a stay at home mum, a working class professional or a youth in College or University. We are committed to providing you with the total package: the exceptional customer support, transparency, and confidence.


Sash LaBelle was made to help every single lady out there, to be able to express their inner beauty, and be receptive of its outcome.

We want you to put your focus on things that matter most, while you still have your hair in place. Behind Sash LaBelle, there is a mother, who once felt drowned with supporting everybody else; but herself. There is a working mother who places priority on making sure she get’s to work on time after driving kids to School; only to realize that she actually forgot to FIX that hair.

There is a College girl trying to focus in School, yet maintaining the natural hair is standing on the way. There is a lady who does it all, but yet one thing always stands on her way of confidence; HER HAIR. Sash LaBelle is here to stay, and to shape and bring to your doorstep a click away solution. You can TRUST Sash.

Did you know that we at Sash Labelle have created great instructional tools including styling tutorials for each of our products! Our Goal is;
favorite_border   to bring convenience to your door-step
settings_accessibility   to help you be unique in each occasion
savings   to help you save; money, time, marriage, friendship e.t.c


Most frequently questions

Halo extensions are a group of wefts sewn together that can be installed using an invisible wire that goes around the top of your head. They also come with secured clips that can easily attach to the back of your natural hair.

Sash LaBelle have different color variation that provides the best result that would closely match your natural color. We have a contact form that you can also fill and our team of expert will work with you to ensure that your hair choice is considered. Our colors can also be customed, once you contact us, we will provide you with sample color chart. This chart will be mailed for free to your local address. You can select the color that best fits your needs before you can place your order.  

Clip-In Extensions

Your hair should be at least 18 cm in length to allow the clips to attach safely and to ensure that clips are not showing off from your skin.

Halo Volumizers

Our seamless Halo Volumizers are primarily meant to add length seamlessly for those looking for longer, fuller hair as they attach to the back of your head. That being said, it will be difficult to adjust your style if you do not have enough volume at the front of your head. We therefore recommend a minimum of Shoulder-length hair in order to seamlessly blend Halo hair with your natural hair.

Ponytail Extension

With ponytail, you need to gather most or all of your hair away from the face and secure it at the back of the head with a hair tie.

Your hair should be long enough to tie into a bun or ponytail (either low, medium, or high). The most important thing to keep in mind is that there should be a bun or an existing ponytail that the Sash Hair Ponytail Extension can attach to..

Just like your own hair, Sash Remy Hair extensions can be straightened, blow-dried, styled and curled. In order to preserve and extend the lifespan of your Sash Hair extensions, however, we suggest to always use a heat protectant spray prior to styling your set. Click here for more instructions.

The lifespan of our sash extensions can range anywhere between 3 to 9 months to a year or longer, depending on the general care they receive and how often they are worn. Remember, the more you wash and heat style your extensions, the shorter their lifespan will be, so try to keep washing and using products on your extensions to a minimum. Read here to see how you can safely increase the lifespan of your extensions.  

African American afro hair texture has many challenges to maintain. Sash LaBelle provides different kinky styles that closely resemble the afro-texture. These kinky styles have been described on this link. Depending on your hair texture, you can rock your natural hair texture and style as desired. 
Why Sash LaBelle!!

Sash was built with perfection in Mind. Each product is hand selected for quality assurance, and each customer is treated with luxury in mind. Save on salon fees and get creative. No experience is needed and minimum time is consumed. Along with our 100% Remy human hair extensions and a range of beautiful hand crafted premium accessories, Sash LaBelle provided tons of instructional tools including styling tutorials and hair care guides, that allows everyone to get a #meetoo time to get the hair of your dreams. Empowering you is of, course our number one Mission.