A U-Part wig is a 3/4 wig extension that is sewn on a U-Shaped wig cap with a sheer mesh and clips underneath. They come in different style, length and color to achieve your desired look.

U-Part Wig Style

If you have straight natural hair, then you might opt to use straight Hair Extension texture. Straight hair is simple to style, care for, and maintain. It can also increase the length and volume of your real hair.

You can style it the way you usually do with your real hair. You can also wash and go style it if you are running out of time to style it properly. People who have curly or wavy hair can also use straight hair extensions.

Defined curly hair extensions texture is common among people who have naturally curly hair. If you don’t take care of your kinky curly hair, it will end up drying and becoming fragile. If this happens, your hair cuticle may become damaged. You should maintain your defined curly hair extensions by using sulfate-free shampoos and moisturizing your hair regularly.

     Kinky extensions are made to mimic the afro hair before it has been relaxed. Due to its natural texture and the differentiated curl pattern, kinky straight hair does amazing in humid climates, hence minimum maintenance is required. It is ideal for women who have Short, Medium, or Long natural hair and are looking to add volume and or length. Kinky straight offers a more realistic natural look and can be styled for any occasion. You can also use the kinky straight U-Part hair to protect your natural hair and allow it to grow. 

      Body wave hair extension texture is loose but natural curly. It is not too straight or too curly. The waves flow in a single manner giving you a smooth and wavy look. This type of texture can also be found in clip in hair extensions.

      If you want to change your usual straight style, body wave would be the ideal choice. You can also replicate the body wave in your natural hair. You use your hair straightener or rollers to create smooth curves. Remember that the curls will relax with time making the waves less visible.

      Our U-Part wigs come in different lengths and can be customized at customers demand. Since it mimics afro texture, Any length can easily blend well with it, and bring out the desired look. 

      Since the the U-shape is constructed at the top of the wig, this style allows you to wear your natural hair through the u-shape opening and the surrounding edges.

      Consequently, you will be able to blend your natural hair with the wig cover in order to achieve a more realistic and natural look without spending too much time and extra additional professional fees. 

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