How to install fishnet Hair integration fishnet hair topper

How to install fishnet Hair integration fishnet hair topper

What Is a Fishnet Mesh Integration System?

Our fishnet Mesh hair topper integration systems at Sash Labelle Hair Canada, unlike regular hair wigs, hair toppers or extensions, are applied by attaching the wearer’s natural hair to a mesh secured to her head. This hypoallergenic mesh is attached to the wearer’s head, for a super-breathable crown.


This fishnet hair topper mesh integration method uses a natural hair color, and gives the wearer a natural finish. The fishnet mesh hair topper blends seamlessly with the wearer’s natural hair for a quick thicker and more voluminous look.


Why is Fishnet Hair Topper Mesh Integration Hair Topper Important?

The mesh of the hair topper system is made of breathable and hypoallergenic material that is light, and easy to style. Fishnet mesh hair topper allows your natural hair to continue to grow underneath without putting too much strain on your scalp. Fishnet Hair topper will allow you to still wash, blow dry and style your hair without feeling the weight of the mesh hair topper.


How to install fishnet hair topper - DIY Fishnet Mesh Hair Topper at home

 Installing a fishnet hair topper at home could be a way to help temporarily secure the unit on your head whenever you want a temporary fix or hairstyle for an event. It can be a creative and stylish way to enhance your hairstyle. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you install a fishnet hair topper:

What You'll Need:

  1. Fishnet Hair Topper
  2. Hair Clips or Bobby Pins or beads, pliers
  3. Hair Comb
  4. Hair Spray or Styling Gel (optional)
  5. Hair Ties (optional)


**1. Prepare Your Hair:

  • Start with clean, dry, and detangled hair. Comb your natural hair to remove any knots or tangles.

**2. Section Your Hair:

  • Part your hair where you want to install the fishnet hair topper. This could be a side part, middle part, or any other style you prefer.
  • Use hair ties or clips to secure the remaining hair out of the way, ensuring the section where the topper will be placed is clear and smooth.

**3. Prepare the Fishnet Hair Topper:

  • Gently unroll the fishnet hair topper and ensure it's clean and free of tangles.
  • Hold the topper by the edges and shake it gently to allow the fibers to fall naturally.

**4. Position the Fishnet Hair Topper:

  • Place the fishnet topper over the section of your hair where you want to add volume or length.
  • Adjust the topper so that it aligns with your part and sits comfortably on your head. The front of the topper should blend seamlessly with your natural hairline.

**5. Secure the Fishnet Hair Topper:

  • Use small hair clips or bobby pins or beads (you might need a professional here or a friend) to help secure the topper to your natural hair. Insert the pins through the fishnet holes and into your hair to hold it in place.
  • Make sure the topper feels secure and doesn't shift when you move your head.

**6. Blend Your Hair with the Topper:

  • Gently comb your natural hair over the fishnet topper to blend it seamlessly. Use a hair spray or styling gel if needed to tame any flyaways or secure the style further.

**7. Style as Desired:

  • Style your hair and the topper together as desired. You can curl, straighten, or add waves to create a cohesive look.

**8. Final Touches:

  • Once you are satisfied with the placement and style, give your hair a final spray of hairspray to set the look in place.

Remember, practice makes perfect. It might take a few tries to get the placement and blending just right, so be patient with yourself as you learn to work with the fishnet hair topper. If you find that the topper isn't blending well, consider consulting with a hairstylist for professional assistance and tips.


How Long Does a Mesh Hair Topper Unit Last?

This is one of the most pragmatic questions when discussing mesh hair integration systems. How long can a mesh hair integration system last? Firstly, there are a few terms that need to be clarified.

  • Longevity Doesn’t Mean How Long It Remains Attached

Mesh hair topper hair systems can last for about ONE YEAR, depending on how well the wearer looks. However, “one year” means that from the minute you purchase a new hair topper from sash LaBelle hair Canada, you can’t use it anymore and have to chuck it in the bin. “One year” simply means the longevity of the product.

But from the moment you attach a hair integration system to the your client’s head to the moment, she has to pay you another visit for a touch-up, that’s about 6-8 weeks, meaning each time it gets attached to the head will last for 6-8 WEEKS.

  • Plaiting Is Important Before Bed

Sleeping with hair topper unit on may cause them to snap quickly, tangle, or pull your natural hair. But simply plaiting mesh hair topper into a low bun ponytail hair before bed, you can prevent it from tangling up or wearing down too soon or pulling of natural hair.

Increase your confidence by changing your hairstyle and adding volume. A mesh integration system will give you healthy-looking hair, regardless of whether you are balding or losing hair around the crown.

What are the types of fishnet Hair toppers available

  1. Fishnet hair toppers, also known as hairnets or wig caps, come in various styles and materials to cater to different needs and preferences. Here are some common types of fishnet hair toppers:

    1. Standard Fishnet Toppers: These are the most basic and commonly used fishnet hair toppers. They are made from fine fishnet material and are designed to provide a secure base for wigs or hair extensions. They come in various sizes to fit different head shapes.

    2. Stretchable Fishnet Toppers: These toppers are made from stretchable fishnet material, allowing them to fit a wide range of head sizes comfortably. They offer a snug fit and are often used as wig caps to keep the hair in place and provide a smooth foundation for wigs.

    3. Open-Top Fishnet Toppers: Open-top fishnet toppers have an opening at the crown, allowing natural hair or wig hair to be pulled through. This design provides versatility, allowing wearers to create different hairstyles and parting styles while still having a secure base.

    4. Lace Fishnet Toppers: Lace fishnet toppers feature a lace front or lace section at the forehead. This lace mimics the appearance of a natural hairline, providing a more realistic look, especially when wearing lace front wigs. The lace material allows for a seamless blend between the topper and the skin, creating a natural appearance.

    5. Silicone-Lined Fishnet Toppers: These toppers have a silicone lining along the edges, which helps them adhere securely to the skin without the need for adhesives or tapes. Silicone-lined fishnet toppers are popular among individuals who want a glueless and comfortable option.

    6. Mesh Fishnet Toppers: Mesh fishnet toppers have a slightly larger and more breathable mesh structure compared to standard fishnet material. They are ideal for individuals who prefer better ventilation and airflow, reducing heat and discomfort under wigs.

    7. Colored Fishnet Toppers: While most fishnet toppers are neutral in color, some are available in various shades to match different skin tones. Colored fishnet toppers provide a more natural look, especially when part of the topper is visible.

    When choosing a fishnet hair topper, consider factors such as comfort, fit, desired style, and the type of wig or hairpiece you plan to wear. It's important to select a topper that suits your needs and enhances the overall appearance of your hairstyle.



This is a PE mesh solid, thin, mesh hair topper that seamlessly covers the top of the head. This fishnet hair topper blends wells with natural hair making parting easy and unrecognizable. Its flexibility allows for easy adjustments, guaranteeing a comfortable fit. Plus, the three robust hair clips provide a secure hold, ensuring the hair stays in place.

It’s no wonder that most of your customers will flock to this hair topper for a quick and confident selection. 

With the luxurious 18″ Remy human hair, you can effortlessly achieve the trendiest hairstyles currently making waves. And even if the color isn’t exactly what your client desires, fear not! The intact cuticles allow for easy and permanent dyeing, ensuring a flawless match to their favorite color.




Differences between the from the full mesh base hair topper and, PES-2 Silk Base hair topper Unit systems is that the silk base mesh hair topper has a clear PU skin at the front and middle of the base with extra hair volume compared to the mesh part. They are specially designed for people whose front hairline has been pushed way back or those who suffer severe hair crown hairloss. 

This is the inner look for these two types of mesh fishnet hair toppers



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