Curly Hair Hair Tips

Recommended Products

Our company experts agree that curly hair, are the most difficult to maintain. It is optional for everyone to experiment with a product line that works for them, but the below has been verified to speed up the longevity of your curly extensions.

  • Weft Sealer
  • Moisture Rich Conditioner
  • Argan Oil Serum

General Care Tips

Sash team do not recommend excessive washing of any texture. 

Hence, please limit the use of hairspray and any other hair care product to avoid product build-up. You can follow the below guidelines to further protect your extensions;

  • Minimize heat use and always use heat protectant when styling
  • Seal wefts with a sealant to reduce shedding
  • Never cut through the weft
  • Use a satin carrier to store all curly extensions
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