Bubble Puff Ponytails

bubble ponytail is a fashionable variation on the classic ponytail. ... The basic version features a ponytail that is secured every two inches or so by an elastic, which creates multiple sections. To get the bubble effect, the hair between each elastic is gently tugged into a loose, round shape.

Bubble puff styles

  1. Mohawk Puff - elegant, sleek spring look. Try something new, protect your natural hair and still get the elegant feel. 

  1. Ponytail

Fun and easy to install in just minutes. Get the ponytail of your choice without breaking the bank. Sashbeautique has it all for you. 

3. The Bold Bob style


4. Half up - with Bubble puff and half down using clip-on


This style is A-MUST-HAVE and it takes little or no effort to achieve it. All you need is 

To achieve this look, simply use one of the above to tie your natural hair at the back and pin down the vecro hair at the center of your head to achieve half a mohawk look.

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